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So You Think You Do Not Need A Website? Think Again.

Robert DeCrescentis

A vast majority of the internet is controlled by the behaviors of consumers. For example, a consumer who is shopping for a vehicle will view three different online auto websites prior to making their decisions. In general, most consumers make their final purchasing decisions after visiting the top three links on a search engine. Furthermore, 70% of people who browse the internet make purchases on a regular basis.

With that in mind, why wouldn’t you want to have a website? The most common rebuttals I receive on a frequent basis is on the premise of being in business for a long period of time and no need for a website. Just imagine how many more customers your business would have it you had an online presence.

Websites also promote value and satisfaction. For example, consumers look at the value of a product as part of their purchasing decision(s). Businesses can offer tips, advice and general interest to provide value. When a customer researches product, they will remember your website because you provided valuable information your competition did not.

Websites provide excellent marketing opportunities to reach customers in multiple geographic areas. For example, if a business had products they wanted to sell in multiple locations, they can do so through their websites. Most brick and mortar locations are very limited geographically and unfortunately, cannot go outside of a specified region. However, if a brick and mortar business wanted to promote their business, they can do so with a website. Potential customers from outside of geographical territory can travel to them.

Websites also provide excellent growth opportunities. If a business wanted to expand and needed potential capital, their website would show investors what it has achieved in the past and present. Websites do not limit growth but instead promote growth. If your business does not have a website, you might be losing out on potential customers your competition is receiving.

With the rise of mobile devices, 67.6% of all cell phone users in the U.S. owned and used a smartphone. Furthermore, mobile digital media time is at 51% versus 42% for desktop users. Having a website that is mobile compatible is extremely important to reach potential customers who do not regularly use the internet on a desktop computer. If your business does not have mobile capabilities, you are missing out on an extremely large amount of potential customers.

With the rise of the internet, it is vital that a business has a website. Will you bypass potential customers on the internet? With the surrounding data I just shared, why not have a website for your business?


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