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Why is Website Marketing So Important?

Robert DeCrescentis

When designing a website, two key questions need to be asked: How are you going to market it and how is it going to get noticed? Sometimes the task is easier said than done. Let's first focus on marketing. The number one reason why you need to market your business online is your customers. A recent article by Forbes explained why it is vital for businesses to market online. It explained some business owners really do not consider online marketing. Most online businesses do not survive without the proper online marketing to be exposed and seen.

Consumers have too many choices these days and they have to be constantly reminded that you exist. The best way to reach them is where they spend a good bit of time… which is online,” Servis, a VP of Marketing with SnapRetail, firmly states.

To survive on the internet, businesses need to know how to market. Does a business owner really have the time to spend on SEO, Keyword searching, Social media development, blogging, updating their website, and making sure that their website is being noticed??? Most of the time, the answer is no. Frustration and the sense of defeat happens and that is why most business owners hang up the hat before their business can really be noticed.

The Solution

The solution is to market your business online. Online marketing involves using SEO, online profiles, online white page listings, display brand awareness (banner ads) and geographic advertising, to attract clients/customers to your business online.

Time and Money is Everything to a Business

Time and money is everything to a business. You can either do it yourself or have a web marketing company do it for you. Zewebbie will save you time so you can focus purely on your day-to-day business tasks. We will save you money so that you can have more opportunities to meet the goals you have for your business. Zewebbie will make your business priorities our priorities!

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