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Goals: What are they?

Robert DeCrescentis

In the marketing realm, goal setting is extremely important and will set you up for either success or failure. This blog installment will teach you how to set obtainable goals, keep them and use them toward your business/life.

Goals: What are they?

When most people have an idea or a dream in mind, they have two options: 1. To follow through with it, or 2. To leave it as a dream or idea. But what are you going to do? Turn your dreams into realities. What are goals? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines goals as: The end toward which effort is directed.1 Do you have an end in which effort is directed? If so, what is it? How are you going to reach it?

This blog will help you with getting started and how to plan out your goals. If you are past this point, then feel free to go on to the next blog in the series: Goal follow through: The approach that matters the most. If not, do not jump ahead and read this very important way to get started on your goals. As you gathered from the website, you will have access to people who have experience in this area. You will get actual responses back and they are not robots. So feel free to ask them for help along the way so you can be absolutely successful with reaching your goals.

Let's get started...

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. - John Dewey

Where and how do you get started?

I ask my clients daily, "What are your goals? How are you going to reach them?" Most of them give me responses such as, "I don't know," or "I haven't thought about it" or even, "That's why I have you here...to help me." Although it is my duty to help you reach your goals, you need to have something to look forward to. If you do not, then you will spend more time searching for it then taking the time to get prepared to get there.

The first thing I always say to my clients is: Write it down. Make it simple and you will already be on your way to making steps to your goal. Most people enter into college without a goal. They figure things out about halfway through their sophomore years and then eventually feel pressured to pick something to stay in college. The damaging effect to that is two things: 1. That may not be your long term goal, and 2. You are only thinking about the short term effect. I will explain both later but in this example, you have to think about the long term and not focus too much on the short term. It is the long term goal that is going to make you successful and not the short term effect.

Goal setting involves choosing what outcomes you are seeking and how to get there. Johnson et al explains, "When individuals set goals, they are more likely to achieve those goals because goal setting increases goal commitment, planning behavior, and motivation toward one's goal." Furthermore, goal setting also helps direct attention toward goal relevant behaviors and can increase energy and persistence toward that behavior.4 You must be disciplined when having a goal in mind. There are people who are goal happy and do not do anything to move forward and there are people who have one goal (start with that) and follow through with it until the goal is completed. Those individuals have the greatest success and receive their tangible rewards.

How would you feel if you have a goal and received tangible rewards from it? That is why it is absolutely important to write down your goal and stick with it. The time does not matter and the more important thing is how you get to your goal. For those of you who are the analytical type take this as an example: "Alternative x will be chosen over>' if u (x)>w (j)." The first part of this proposition indicates an evaluation. If it is assumed that individuals aim at maximizing subjective expected utilities, goal evaluation can be approached."5 Goal evaluation? What is that (one may ask)? I will explain in part 2...

Goals: What are they? Part 2