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Website Content: What You Need for an Awesome Experience!

Robert DeCrescentis

Website design content can be a tricky concept to master if you do not know how to approach it. Having excellent content allows for your customers to have a dynamic user experience. Content is not only the words on a website but also how dynamic it is.

Some questions to consider:

1. What colors do you want? Do you have a background photo you would like to use?
2. What menus would you like to include?
3. Who is your target audience?
4. Is multimedia used to drive your audience to the website?
5. Would you like customers to search for content?
6. Do you sell merchandise? Is it a bi-product of your website? Would you like your website to focus on those products?

Although this is not a comprehensive list of questions, they do focus on what needs to be focused on when creating dynamic content for a website. The more your website focuses on dynamic content, more customers will visit it. Users expect a highly interactive experience and if they do not receive one, they will go elsewhere.

Beyond User Experience

Dynamic content for a website goes beyond the user experience. Websites have to be graded on how fast they load, if they have SEO components, page requests, browser caching, page redirecting, compression, mobile compatibility, responsiveness, view ports, and how secure it is. That is a lot to think about and sometimes too overwhelming to accomplish. Hiring a professional website developer is worth the investment so they can focus on those things. website.grader.com provides an excellent overview of how your website is graded and breaks down the components it meets, as well as areas of improvement. If you are wondering how your website matches up to your competition, we suggest you trying it out.

What you need for your business depends on the target audience you want for your website. Having a clear-cut message is important and well needed for a dynamic user experience. However, the content is just as important, and you should not place that last. The question is: What would you like your website to look like? Our next blog is going to focus on Website Trends and what you need to know to stay up to date....